WiseLED XTRUDER Searchlights

The WiseLED Xtruder platform is as LED based weapon/search light, based on our own designed LED light engine. With regards to output, the Xtruder is the only searchlight available capable of collimating the emitted light in a narrow beam more powerful than any existing product and technology available on the market today. Conventional light bulbs generate a lot of heat. The plasma inside the arc may easily reach 1000 degrees Celsius.

WiseLED has designed the Xtruder to be as cool as possible, and the Xtruder with a 7xLED cluster increases the outer shell temperature with less than 20 degrees. In other words, the light gets 20 degrees warmer than its ambient/surrounding temperature.

The solid state light engine can be configured in different versions depending on operational requirements, and provides a narrow
and fixed beam capable of illuminating distances beyond 1950 meters (According to ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard).

Xtruder S is a searchlight for integration on existing platforms. These platforms may be armored vehicles, remote weapon stations and others requiring a light source with specified wavelengths. The entry level Xtruder installation is a separate light head; a low-weight high performance search- and weapon light intended for integration on different platforms.


The light head requires 12-30V external power input. If the end user requires a light weight modular solution, the solution can be equipped with a remote-switch or adapted to existing communication protocols. The units can be provided with both visible and infrared light, depending on end user requirements. The WiseLED Xtruder S was the first version of the Xtruders, and is currently integrated/installed on Norwegian CV90s, delivered by BAE Hägglunds (SE).

The WiseLED Xtruder S is a modular and lightweight unit which may be retrofitted and easily integrated on different platforms using Picatinny/NAR (Nato accessory rails).

The WiseLED Xtruder SC is the battery-version of the Xtruder. This model is portable, and is equipped with a handle for easy operation. The searchlight is also equipped with a switch for remote operating. Depending on configuration, the battery can provide up to 4 hours of operation time.


The Xtruder SC is designed for easy integration. A dual battery pack setup ensures 8 hours of continuous runtime without the need for external power from vehicle platform or vessel. The torch unit is mounted to a base bracket with a dual lever picatinny rail. The rail levers are locked in position when mounted. The internal battery is replaced without the use of tools.

The battery pack is charged in 2 ways: external 24V battery charger, EMI/EMC shielded or standard 110/220V table top charger.
The WiseLED Xtruder has many different functions. The torch can be fully remote operated by a rugged tape-switch. The tape switch is prepared for all functions and capacities available. This includes visible light, optional laser- and infrared capacities, in addition to various operation modes. The tape-switch is identical to the buttons integrated on the handle of the torch, and the torch is operated in identical way. The switch will be configured upon request from the customer, all depending on the capacities integrated in the Xtruder.

The Xtruder platform supports several communication protocols, and depending on requirements from various platforms the Xtruder easily an adapt and communication with different BMS/FCS. Optional interfaces includes various CAN-protocols, RS422 to mention common user interfaces.


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