The new and revised WiseONE Black Edition replaces our renowned WiseLED Tactical NG and NG +.  The WiseONE is equipped with an upgraded High precision lens for maximum intensity and throw.   The WiseONE is optimised for maximum beam length and and is the perfect portable searchlight for law and enforcement , military- and search and rescue operations.

The WiseONE provides a beam distance of beyond 850 meter, and is designed to perform under all conditions. The light is dimmable
and water-proof and tested to a maximum depth of 100 meter.

The light is delivered as a complete kit with charging cradle,  charging cables and user manual.

Output setting Runtime
100 % 3 hours 20 minutes
80% 4 hours 30 minutes
60% 6 hours
40% 9 hours
20% 18 hours

A unique rechargeable portable searchlight AND dive torch

Technical specifications:

Lumens 5000
Peak illuminance 200.000 lux @ 1 meter, calculated  *
Beam angle 4,6 degrees  / 2,3 degree half angle
Dimension 74mm (head) x 235mm
Weight: 846 grams
Battery pack: Li-ion 75Wh 6 cell battery pack


Function Operation
On/off Turn left and release
Flight lock ON Turn left and release 4 times within 2 seconds , check the orange indicator on the back of the light, turn left and release
Flight lock OFF When in flight lock mode, turn left 4 times within two seconds to turn the light on
Strobe While ON, turn left and hold
Toggle through output modes Turn right and hold – will toggle through the output modes:

100% – 80% – 60% – 40% – 20%

Toggle through operating modes Turn right and release will toggle through operating modes: Normal mode -> Boost –mode -> Tail light on with no main light -> Tail light and main light ON -> SOS