Welcome to our service portal

Here you will technical information about our products.   If you have a technical question or need service of your WiseLED product you will find the information you need here. If not, do not hesitate to contact us through Facebook or through our contact form.

For service request of your WiseLED Torch;  please fill out this RMA FORM.
When we have received your torch including RMA number, we will process the service-request and return immediately.
When you return your light to us, please return your charger set with the torch, in other words, return the complete kit with charger and cables.
 It is VERY important to NOT return a torch to us without a TICKET or RMA number.
You will get the reference number by email when filling out the RM
A form
Download the user manual for the WiseLED Black Edition  by clicking on the image to the left.  The user manual is available as a PDF document (Portable document format), and you can open this with Adobe Acrobat reader.
Frequently asked questions
To assist you in the best possible way we have listed the most common questions to our service department
Can I change the batteries in a WiseDive or WiseONE dive torch myself?
No, you have to send the torch to WiseLED to change / replace the internal battery pack.